Yup.  I’m saying this publicly.  There’s no going backwards after I post this.  I don’t want to shame myself on not following through.

So, here goes:

I resolve to try to sketch more this year.  And I don’t mean sketching for projects I’m working on.  I mean drawing for the sake of drawing.  We’re talking Old School, (old art-school, that is!).  Paper.  Pencil.  Charcoal.  Berry Juice?  I’m going to try to get all Neolithic and what not.

Right now, I’ve been sketching on my Cintiq and only drawing for my paid gigs.  It’s time to light that passion of “hands on”  rendering.  To fly with out the parachute better know as “Ctrl Z” (undo).

Now I just have to find a pencil…and a sharpener.  I’m pretty rusty, so I’ll probably need an eraser the first couple of times…has anyone seen any paper?